Rough Draft Beginning to “Winner” based on Timber

“Timber”(feat. Ke$ha)
[Va$hti]He’s the King, Achashverosh
From Hodu and up to Kush
It’s his party, it lasts forever
3 years, we’re not done yet

[Ideally, the next section is done mournfully]
Jewwwws (WINNER), Jewwwws (WINNER),Jewwwws (we’ve fallen down)
Jewwwws (WINNER), Jewwwws (WINNER),Jewwwws (we’ve fallen down)
[Achasverosh]The bigger they were, the harder they fell
These big-city boys are my courtly dogs
I’ll have her* like Anahita, crown on *thumb toward Vashti
Dancing for my royal throngs, winner
Why frown, bootyful, winner
That’s the way we show we’re–what?–winners
Room’s spilling like a watermill
‘shti say she won’t, but I bet she will, WINNER


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