Pop Purim 2014

For Purim, my goal has been to tell the whole story in the megillah using current pop parodies.

The plan for 2014 —

Narrator open – Story of My Life (re exile)
Party opening – Pitbull Timber
Esther at Home — Lorde Royals
Vashti – Lady Gaga Applause

Achashverosh about missing wife – Summertime Sadness
Ahashverosh to a series of women — Zedd Stay the night
Ether to Ahashverosh – Lady Gaga – Do what you want, sadly

Haman – The Monster

Jews upon learning of death sentence — Bastille Pompeii
Morderchai to God/Esther about Death sentence — A great big world “Say something”
Esther (hesitating) — Avicci Wake Me up

Mordechai to Esther – Sara Bareilles Brave
Esther (deciding) — Katy Perry Dark Horse? Burn?

[Ahashverosh dream sequence Demons? ]

Esther to Achashverosh about party — John Newman – Love me Again
Esther to Achashverosh about Haman Wrecking Ball

Achashverosh to Esther – Capital Cities Safe and Sound
Esther Can’t Hold Us

Close – OneRepublic Counting Stars


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