How does a woman, orphan of refugees from war
and Benyamin
driven from the middle of a forgotten spot in the mediterranean
by Providence desecrated, find valor
Grow up to be a hero and a ruler?

Almost martyr adopted daughter born Hadassah
Got a lot farther though workin’ under cover
By bein’ a lot smarter
By bein’ a shot caller
As the queen, she saved the Jews from impending slaughter

And on a day once slaves were taking part in a party that displayed on silver trays
goods smuggled amid sacred gold cups
Inside they were crying the schechina had departed
Queen Vashti refused to yield, and the king ordered her locked up

Then the beauty pageant came, draining women from the domain
Our man saw his daughter stripped, leaving only pain
Put aside tears about his temple, considered all this with his brain
And he rode to see if God remained, in secret holding the reins

Well the girl got to town, they said, this may seem insane miss
Stuck her in salad dressing, just to prep her as the king’s dish
“Love your clear complexion, can’t quite tell from whence you came, but
The world’s gonna know your name! What’s your name, miss?”

(It’s) Esther Hamalka
My name is (now) Esther Hamalka
And there’s a million things I can’t *let on*                *tell ya to match malka?
But just you wait, just you wait

When she was young, her father broke, lost his hope, God hidden
Few years later, see dad and her mother’s big decision
Half-dead, depressed and home sick
descent quick

Hadassah had beauty but her folks didn’t see it

Moved in with an uncle, the man we know as Mordechai
Left her uncertain but with Jewish pride, somethin’ new inside
A voice saying “(Dasi) you gotta fend for yourself”
She started retreatin’ and conceivin’ a new identity for herself .

There would’ve been nothin’ left to do
For a woman less cute
She would’ve been wife or prostitute
Without a chance for revolution
Started fasting, prepping for her date w/ Persia’s new lord
Charming Chamberlains and staff,  helping her grow self-assured.
(learning) most every trick she can set her eyes on
(Plannin’) for a future, see her now as she tries on (oooh)
The crown of a king begging her to be wife

In shushan you can start a new life

In Shushan you can start a new life (Just you wait)
In Shushan you can be a king’s wife (Just you wait)
(Esther, quietly In Shushan I won’t be recognized (company Just you wait))

In Shushan


Just you wait

Esther Hamalka*   (*Esther or Haddasah)
Esther Hamalka
We are waiting in the songs for you  
You saved us with that crown, your power revealed at the right tiiime
oh esther hamalkah
esther hamalka
Megillah sings of you
Do they know what you overcame
will they know you changed your name
Persia will never be the same
Start of chodesh adar now, see if you can marbim
another narrative, salvation won’t be forgotten
Our enemies destroyed our rep
Hamalka she fought em
We prayed with her
me i taught Esther
me i backed her
me i loved her
and me, I’m the damn fool that got hung
there’s a million things I can’t let on
but just you wait
what’s you name miss?
Esther Hamalka