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My Omer Song, to the tune of Fritz and the Tantrums, “The Walker.” I lovvvvve this song,but it’s a tough one to work with.
Be gentle guys. I’m whistling and singing on here, no autotune, no microphone. 

(There’s a little of the original song in here; don’t worry, you’ll notice.  I’m hoping to repost once I figure out how to do this part on my own.



“The Walker”

Yitz and The Counters — The Omer

Oooh counting’s what I’ve got to do now

Ain’t gonna stop til I get (to) 7 weeks

Cause 49 days is my full count chèvre

That will get me to Shavuot

Gonna step up through the sefirot

At least I’m trying

There’s more to these lines I know

I work on the project that I’ve become

I count, I grow, we grow yeah yeah yeah


Oh, here I go

Feel it in my soul

I’ll complete it, need it, so grow

Gotta count it, my soul takes control

I’ll complete it it, feed it


I wake up to a feeling of Chesed

Breathe in Your name, refusing to coast

I pray, a waking Gibor, save me

Chaos stops as tifferet grows

Can’t give up that’s my Netzach

So I’ll keep trying

Hod my words, pride won’t grow

I’m grounded to the task set by Yesod

I count, I grow, we grow yeah yeah yeah

[Chorus x2]

Everybody count

We’re at malkhut

Everybody count, count, surmount

[Chorus x2]