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Ive had some parsley but that’s barely eating
Dipped in saltwater to set the tone of the evening
Cos We start with slavery and end with freedom
When a matzah breaks no it don’t break even

Gonna ask mah nishtana but I fill my second cup first.
Not gonna eat anything till the haggadah’s rehearsed
I’m staying wide awake until afikoman’s eaten
when a matzah breaks no it don’t breakeven… even… no

What is different tonight I see at least four things that just ain’t right
and What’s am I supposed to say we eat matzah, maror, dip and lean this way
Matzah’s crumbling to pieces, yeah,
It’s crumbling to pieces

We start with bad things for a reason
But wise men debate the theme of the season
Cos Avraham moved on while Terach’s still a Heathen
And Israel was enslaved to an Egyptian King, ohh

What am I gonna to do to relive the slavery as if I were there too,
And what am I supposed to say to fulfill my obligation the traditional way?
(Pesach:) recalling God passing over Egypt – (Matzah):
Our being freed from Egypt – (Marror)
I’m talking about horseradish pieces, yeah,

(I’m getting really hungry while he’s still speaking)
I’m gonna talk a bit more about each
(Cos while the seder has food breaks no it don’t breakeven)

Oh you got romaine heart and charoset and none of the pain
You took your chazeret, I took the chrain.
Now I’m try’na make sense of what taste buds remain ooh
Cos you left me with no charoset and my Hillel sandwich is tasting plain.

I’m still awake but I’m almost sleeping
Just praisin’ God for the sweetest reason
Cos I got four cups of wine signifyin freedom
Afikoman matzah no it don’t break
No it don’t break
No it don’t break even no